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Pleasure boat evaluation survey

Pre-transaction maritime survey

Accident or damage survey

Marine transport

Technical survey

Arbitration, mediation, negociation between parties

Quality control on custom shipyard project

Classic boats




This survey is required by your insurance company and by the Customs of your country when you plan to sell some shares of your boat to potential partners, or when the boat is part of a heritage. This type of survey determines the market value of the boat, taking into account the equipment installed as well as its condition. The survey will cover the complete vessel. All the systems will be checked and the report will confirm if the boat meets all class requirements. It will also list all the items which require maintenance or repair. Finally, this survey will tell the boat’s resale value and will inform the reader if the vessel is ready to go to sea.



This survey will confirm the state and value of a vessel before purchase. Usually, the person who wants to acquire a vessel makes an offer to the seller that is conditional on a survey. This survey is also comprehensive and similar to an Evaluation Survey. The survey is an important milestone in your purchasing process as it will confirm if the boat is in good working order or not. For a reasonable cost compared to the price of the boat, the survey will tell you if the boat you are considering purchasing meets yours and the Coast Guard requirements, and is free of any hidden vice.


In the case your boat has been damaged by a storm, vandalism, or an act of theft, a collision with another vessel, or run aground, this survey will identify and list all the damage to the boat. The survey will also describe any repairs that need to be done as well as their costs.



Some owners prefer to ship their boat by cargo for many good reasons. They may not have the time to cross an ocean, organize a delivery crew, or do not want to subject their boat to the wear and tear resulting from an ocean passage. In this case, a marine surveyor can assist with the loading/unloading of your vessel on or a cargo ship and make sure the boat has not suffered damage during these delicate manœuvres. Also, the marine surveyor will confirm that the boat is securely strapped to the deck of the cargo ship.


A technical survey will contain:

  • A report on the humidity content of a hull built from wood or fiberglass.
  • A report on the thickness of a metal hull built from steel or aluminum. It will also include a report on the corrosion level of the hull and will comment on potential electrolysis issues.
  • A report on the condition of the engine(s), transmission/gearbox from an oil analysis.
  • The results of a sea trial where applicable.
  • The condition of fiberglass or composite hull, and the potential areas that can be delaminated.
  • An analysis of electric or mechanical systems, and the condition of a rig and/or the sails.


In the case of a potential lawsuit, the legal procedures which will highlight the evidence of the root cause of any issue, and determine who is responsible are very complex and can take several years to resolve. An arbitration process may, in many cases, be a more appropriate approach that will save time and money for all the parties involved in the dispute. In this case, the parties select one expert that will play the role of an arbitrator without going to court. All the parties involved in the dispute will agree on a technical arbitration protocol. The parties will also agree not to contest the conclusions written in the expert’s report.

« Mediterranean Marine Surveyor» as an independent corporation, works for all Maritime courts in France and is registered on the list of the “Cours d’appel d’Aix en Provence” in the category E 7.6 (Merchant ships and private yachts). We have varied experience in this field and have been involved in several cases of this nature.



This can be the building of a new boat or the re-fit of a used boat. We can help you to select the most economical approach, the right materials, and technology for any project, and will follow the work being done and make sure that it respects both the original quote and the Coast Guard requirements.


For seven years, Thierry was the owner of a beautiful gaff rig cutter. Built in wood, this old vessel required a lot of maintenance. He invested both time and money rebuilding various parts of the hull, the rig and the sails. Doing that, he learned a lot about the many special traditional boatbuilding techniques as well as the fantastic marine tradition. He also participated in the renovation of a 90’ gaff-rigged schooner: the “Archie F. Mackenzie”, built-in Lunenberg, Nova Scotia, Canada. This boat was built in the same shipyard that built the famous “Bluenose”, that made so many Canadian sailors proud as she won many regattas against great American fishing schooners, after a season of cod fishing on the Newfoundland Great Banks. He studied Yacht Design in Blue Hill, Maine, USA, and learned a lot about the work of amazing naval architects such as Nathaniel Herreshoff and William Fife III who designed and built the famous “J Class” that competed the America’s Cup.

If you are passionate about wooden classic yachts and you plan the purchase or rebuilt of such a superb vessel, Thierry would be delighted to help you in the course of your project. Classic boats are one of his specialties. He can bring a positive contribution on the technical side, finding the right materials or suppliers. It is also possible to integrate new modern materials in the repair of a classic wooden vessel, while still respecting the marine tradition. In doing so, we will optimize the boat’s performances while still preserving its classic look.



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