We are a marine surveyors office. We are independent and neutral consultants and are not affiliated with any insurance company or boat manufacturer. Our expertise will help you find the right boat at the right market price. However, our services go much further.


We can accompany you throughout your marine project in the optimization of your vessel, both in terms of the performance of the boat as well as its functionality and reliability. We can also help you to make your boat more environmentally friendly. By visiting our site, you will understand the wide range of consulting services we offer.


Marine surveys are normally conducted when you are planning to purchase a recreational boat, or when you want to purchase insurance. If your vessel has sustained damage, your insurance company may require a survey. In many countries, a marine survey may be required when your vessel enters certain ports.



Pleasure boat’s valuation survey

Boat survey before a transaction

Accident or damage surveys

Boat transportation

Technical surveys

Legal surveys

Arbitration, mediation, negotiations between parties

Quality Control on a custom shipyard project

Classic boats



The purchase of a boat is a big financial investment. It represents a project of great value and can make the dream of a lifetime come true.

This is why it is wise to consult a marine surveyor who will be able to confirm if the boat of your dreams corresponds to your expectations and its intended purpose.

Above all, this experts report will confirm that the hull is sound and the various systems installed are in good working order. This report will also allow you to negotiate the purchase price of the vessel according to the work requiring to be done.



During your ownership of a boat, you may want or need to make modifications to it, either minor or major. You might wish to adapt your boat for its intended purpose, and it may require some repair or optimization work.

Improving performance under sail or engine or increasing the functionality or reliability of the systems are some of the projects where we can accompany you.

Thinking that “misfortunes at sea” only happen to others is a mistake, the sea is a difficult environment for people and their boats, and in these cases, the support of a marine surveyor will be invaluable.


« Mediterranean Marine Surveyor» is a private and independent consulting office. Its founder, Thierry Simon, has over 40 years of experience at sea, as a sailor, boat owner, and professional Captain. His scientific and engineering background in mechanical engineering, yacht design, boat building, and super yacht maintenance, coupled with 80 000 nautical miles at sea – including several ocean passages – are the foundation of this business. « Mediterranean Marine Surveyor» covers the market of boats located on the French Riviera from Monaco to Marseille. For projects outside this area, please contact us for a quote. Our office offers a complete spectrum of surveys that suit the needs of both private boat owners and marine industry professionals. Our surveys are detailed and can be written in both French and English.

We specialize in surveying vessels under 24 meters, carrying a maximum of 12 passengers (Code MGN280):

  • Pleasure craft
  • Commercial vessels
  • Fishing vessels
  • Small industrial vessels
  • Passenger vessels (12 max)


We follow the principles and practices of the AFNOR AC X 50-827 rules and specifications stated by the French government in January 2006. We carry out each contract in total independence. Our survey reports are written to reflect our impartiality. Our conclusions are established with a non-partisan approach and we answer all questions asked by all parties involved with objectivity. There will be no outside relationship between the marine surveyor and the client, nor with any other party involved in the contract for its duration.